Scott Russell

Tattoo Artist & Piercer (Owner)

From New York to South Carolina, only to spend most of my life growing up right here in Raleigh, NC. I love it here. My influence in art began when I was very young. I would do anything from drawing on walls with crayons to making friendly new faces with my food. This slowly turned into an interest I would later develop and critique in art classes throughout high school. Trying hard not to listen to my 9th grade algebra teacher, who once said to me "Drawing in my class won't get you anywhere in life." I always wanted a career in art. I just never thought that dream would come true. However, I followed suit and paid attention in class.

Unleashed into the real world I did everything from working at Hardee's to hard labor jobs. I thought I had found my semi corporate dream job doing county research. After having lived that life for five years, my career was stolen by the Internet. The information I was once sent to retrieve was now being uploaded over the Internet. virtually eliminating my position. Angry at the same technology that gave me my job in the first place, I was seeking work that couldn't be taken by some sort of technological mechanism or computer advancement. Still doodling in my spare time, my algebra teacher's words would pop in my head. That's when I realized after applying everything she had said, I would still end up jobless. Still drawing, a friend of mine told me about someone he knew who was about to start working in a tattoo shop. He also mentioned that the shop might need an apprentice.

Ten years later I have the best career I could ask for. Not to mention, I haven't used algebra once. The thought of that still makes me smile. Constantly my own worst critic, I strive for a level of perfection that I fear I'll never achieve. None the less, I won't ever give up. I live vicariously through my artwork. As I live to satisfy my canvas, my canvas lives on. Though I'll never get to witness all paths my canvas may choose, a part of me is with them on their journey forever. I could never take that feeling for granted. Winning trophies, being featured in magazines, winning best in show... yeah, it is cool... But, it's an even better feeling knowing your tattoo is in various family photos around the world.